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FUCHS EUROPE SCHMIERSTOFFE GMBH is the leading partner of the
German automotive industry for lubricants and one of the lubricants
market leaders in Germany. For example you can find FUCHS lubricants in
nearly every German car. Not for nothing FUCHS EUROPE SCHMIERSTOFFE
received e.g. the Supplier Award from Daimler AG and won the Preferred
Supplier-status of BOSCH GmbH.
The company has 2 plants: at the site in Mannheim engine and gear oils,
shock absorber oils, hydraulic system oils, lubricants for the industry,
metalworking fluids, cleaners and corrosion preventives are produced. The
site in Kiel produces lubricating greases.
The business, founded 1931 as RUDOLF FUCHS, has its headquarters in
Mannheim and is a 100% subsidiary of FUCHS PETROLUB SE, which is the
largest independent manufacturer of lubricants worldwide.
FUCHS has a degree of specialisation high above the branch average and a
high innovation rate. The product range contains more than two thousand
lubricants and related specialties for all areas of life and industries.


Trust the real lubricants specialist. Rely on FUCHS.

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